No, it’s not for the Snarkernacle. For some inexplicable reason this hallowed site was not counted among those worthy of a Niblet nomination, and unlike some other “big” blogs, we wouldn’t condescend to the level of begging for votes.

It is in that spirit that I humbly supplicate unto this year’s Niblet Keepers to add one more write in category for which there can only be one winner. In the category of “Hot Molten Crazy Commenter”, I hereby nominate Jason LeRoy Wharton, BCC’s most thoughtless provoking commenter of January 25-27, 2010.

In the space of 138 comments, most of them made by himself, he goes from pointing out an alleged “significant flaw” in Mark Brown’s reasoning to the heretofore unused bloggernacle curse of removing the dust from his virtual feet upon the BCC perma-luminaries.

I, for one, am shocked. Shocked I tell you! In all my years of ‘naccle trolling I never thought to dust off my feet upon another blog. I’m not even sure this ordinance can be effected virtually. I’m pretty sure the best one could do would be to blow the dust off one’s keyboard.

So, Brother Wharton, congratulate yourself. Your singleness of hubris has put you in a very rare category of commenters which cause eyes to roll across the ‘naccle spectrum. Hot molten crazy is your category, and you’ve earned it.

And, were this a politically themed blog, I’d mock your singular contribution to the blogosphere. But it’s not, so I reserve my mocking to your BCC thread.


Steve Evans wades into the powder keg, lobs a molotov cocktail, gets raked over the coals, then issues an apology:

Lisa, never mind! I apologize for any insult my question could have conveyed. I meant to question the propriety and usefulness of the exercise you’re engaging in here — I see that this sort of inquiry is not the point, and so I will bow out.

All, sorry to disappoint you with my relentlessly insulting comments that are always completely devoid of any meaningful contribution.

And then, *poof* He vanishes! Along with all his comments!

I always knew Steve Evans had magical powers! He truly is the Admin God of the Bloggernacle!

Rusty picks up the baton, questions the futility of this week's kvetch-a-thon, and ups the ante saying he's "disappointed" in fmhLisa.

Steve and Rusty are clearly oblivious to the annual Festivus tradition of the "airing of grievances".

Get some religious sensitivity, you two.


fmhMels is worried about her daughter riding in cars with boys, and prefers she ride the bus.

Yes, there's nothing safer than quality, affordable, clean public transportation and the respectable citizens of Salt Lake who utilize UTA!

Then again I was once a teenage boy. She's probably safer on the bus.


Submitted by: Guest

Background here, and a comical attempt at solo Internet journalism here (note: it helps if you can actually get in the room to cover the story).

Caption: Mrs. N.I.M.B.Y. of Phoenix, discussing her concerns of increased traffic in the neighborhood.

SN Commentary: Mrs. N.I.M.B.Y., you have nothing to worry about. Most temple patrons are very courteous and cautious drivers. You just have to watch out, oh, about 10 minutes before the last session of the day begins. And, when that last session ends and everyone's trying to make it to Dairy Queen before they close.

Caption: These hats are available for purchase on his Etsy shop.


As part of our ongoing series...

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Day of our sealing. Outdoor reception planned. My DH's ex-gf had been fasting for "moisture". That wench.


As part of our ongoing series...

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Me at the half-time performance during the BYU men's basketball game. The timing was great, I ran home after to breastfeed my baby.


As part of our ongoing series...

I wasn't feeling well, so the Relief Society brought me dinner.

It's called "God Be With You 'Till We Meat Again". It contains ground Beef, topped with 2 pepperoni logs, stuffed with Cheez Whiz, topped with a layer of bacon, topped with a layer of molten mozzarella cheese slices, topped with more bacon, topped with meatballs and served with brown gravy.

Later that night I checked into the E.R.