No, it’s not for the Snarkernacle. For some inexplicable reason this hallowed site was not counted among those worthy of a Niblet nomination, and unlike some other “big” blogs, we wouldn’t condescend to the level of begging for votes.

It is in that spirit that I humbly supplicate unto this year’s Niblet Keepers to add one more write in category for which there can only be one winner. In the category of “Hot Molten Crazy Commenter”, I hereby nominate Jason LeRoy Wharton, BCC’s most thoughtless provoking commenter of January 25-27, 2010.

In the space of 138 comments, most of them made by himself, he goes from pointing out an alleged “significant flaw” in Mark Brown’s reasoning to the heretofore unused bloggernacle curse of removing the dust from his virtual feet upon the BCC perma-luminaries.

I, for one, am shocked. Shocked I tell you! In all my years of ‘naccle trolling I never thought to dust off my feet upon another blog. I’m not even sure this ordinance can be effected virtually. I’m pretty sure the best one could do would be to blow the dust off one’s keyboard.

So, Brother Wharton, congratulate yourself. Your singleness of hubris has put you in a very rare category of commenters which cause eyes to roll across the ‘naccle spectrum. Hot molten crazy is your category, and you’ve earned it.

And, were this a politically themed blog, I’d mock your singular contribution to the blogosphere. But it’s not, so I reserve my mocking to your BCC thread.


Anonymous said... @ January 27, 2010 at 3:41 PM

Instead of dusting his feet, he should have just called down fire from heaven to consume the BCC server. Much more effective and immediate.

Bookslinger said... @ September 14, 2010 at 11:11 AM

I would have nominated Dan the Democrat.

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