Ardis recently bailed and started her own blog, and now Kaimi is posting at the other two "Big Blogs" while not posting at the SS Skidmark. Ardis has gone to emeritus status, but Kaimi has not.

The last time there was a big blowout at T&S it was over Adam flipping out. KHH and Melissa quit and Adam was suspended for a year.

Did the same thing happen again between Ardis and Kaimi? If so, is this a bit of brown-nosing to ingratiate himself? Or are Kaimi and Ardis just a couple of fabulously ungracious ex-hosts who have had their admin powers revoked so they can no longer delete obnoxious comments? Whatever happened, Kaimi does not want to talk about it in public.

Can T&S stay afloat as the Dave and Julie show? Or, will it join MSplat in the Stygian depths of the Bloggernacle netherworld of former bigness?


Ardis Parshall, super-duper hardcore MoHistory megabuff adds to the Bloggernacle's long list history of totally mis-appropriated blog names derived from Old Historical Mormon Periodicals:

All participants in the original Keepapitchinin were masked behind pseudonyms; I will take credit or blame for what appears here under my own name. Unlike the original, which made its points through satire, adolescent jokes, and cartoons, this incarnation of the Keepapitchinin will make its points with plain old narrative, chiefly in a historical vein.
So, in other words, your blog will be nothing like its namesake. Awesome! Join the ranks of Times & Seasons, Mormon Wasp, Millennial Star, Messenger & Advocate, Juvenile Instructor, and The Exponent. Now, some might have foolishly thought a history buff would have been more true to the original source and inspiration, but, hey, with a strong Bloggernacle historical tradition like this to build on, you are only following suit. And landing yourself all the way up at the top on MoArch as an Isle of the Sea, leap-frogging all those other small-timers. Congratulations, Ardis. Your MorMen and T&S stepping stones have served you well and made you a big-timer in the Bloggernacle. Which will no doubt launch you into... um... well... err... bigger... uhnn... yeah.


Julie M. Smith is smarter than you, smarter than everyone in fact, especially those ignorant Mormons who keep making absurd movie recommendations to her on topics she clearly knows more about than anyone else, so much more she is entitled to review movies she has never seen and hold her nose in disdain at them. Why see a movie that is fundamentally flawed in its perceived conception? Especially when she is just too busy, so busy, so very busy (but not too busy to read all the comments, just too busy to respond to them substantively, but not too busy to insult the comment makers, but clearly too busy to watch this movie, but not too busy to post a review about the movie in question). Call it a hunch, but I bet Julie spent more time on this blog post than the running length of the movie.