Steve Evans wades into the powder keg, lobs a molotov cocktail, gets raked over the coals, then issues an apology:

Lisa, never mind! I apologize for any insult my question could have conveyed. I meant to question the propriety and usefulness of the exercise you’re engaging in here — I see that this sort of inquiry is not the point, and so I will bow out.

All, sorry to disappoint you with my relentlessly insulting comments that are always completely devoid of any meaningful contribution.

And then, *poof* He vanishes! Along with all his comments!

I always knew Steve Evans had magical powers! He truly is the Admin God of the Bloggernacle!

Rusty picks up the baton, questions the futility of this week's kvetch-a-thon, and ups the ante saying he's "disappointed" in fmhLisa.

Steve and Rusty are clearly oblivious to the annual Festivus tradition of the "airing of grievances".

Get some religious sensitivity, you two.