The Millennial Black Hole has a pretty new WordPress interface, great. But the posts are the same old, same old. New posts? Something half-baked and dumbed-down from Clark, and some new guy who has earned himself perma status by being friends with Brian Duffin and doing the new chrome job, and a new perma who doesn't post, and one sentence posts by GeoffB that should just be sidebar links. Impressive work, people.

The only thing the new paint job really accomplishes is making T&S's ancient, ugly front end look even more staid and archaic by contrast. Seriously, how hard would it be for T&S to recruit Scott away from M* like BCC did to MM? Maybe T&S held off because Scott didn't have the foresight to provide a link to the front page anywhere on the sidebar, banner or front page.

MHole, I dub you MSplat, because your reincarnation falls down flat. Keep trying. Maybe you'll be big again someday.


Is it me, or have things been changing there at FMH over the past few months. FMH used to get criticized a lot for heavy-handed moderating (moderating that would even make BCC Steve Evans look like a gentle touch with kid gloves) and for being prurient. But, lately, they have been remarkably tolerant of dissent in the comments and now this! Contrast it with this!!! Wow, what a difference. When I saw Lisa's mk. 2 post my stomach churned, but wait, the comments are actually...well...not anything like the mk. 1. Could it be possible that FMH is growing up? They have made it past pre-adolescence and are becoming...dare I say it...somewhat mature? Perish the thought. With people acting all responsible and intelligent, it doesn't leave a snarker much to work with.


When she isn't yelling at him and throwing his research material away, BiV is blogging about how she has the hots for a "Centrum Stud." Wow, Dr. B., what kind of unpleasant inferences can be drawn from that? Eew. No wonder the guy spends so much time searching for mission quotes and posting them on his blog. Who can hold a candle to such a crusty old geezer as this Pulitzer Prize winning spinner of tawdry grandfatherly wisdom? Maybe Dr. B can pound some Ensure, and muster up the courage to write about dusty floors, silent guitars, dried up flowers and old women feeding corn to chickens. Hawt! Good luck with that, Dr. B.