Or at least that is what he would have us believe.

DKL temporarily stemmed the tide of his personal insecurities over having obtained a BS in Philosophy by posting the most comprehensive summary of Greek Philosopher's alleged positions on ex nihlo creation the Nacle has ever witnessed. Never mind these various people lived so long ago nobody really has any idea what they actually believed, but are instead speculating over what big thinkers (like Dave) think they may or may not have thought. That isn't the point. The point is Dave thinks and knows more about what the generally prevailing consensus of contemporary big thinkers think about the thoughts of ancient thinkers, whom none of them have ever met and actually talked to about their thoughts. I think. And, so, gentle reader, we are left speechless at the depth and breadth of David's knowledge, and articulate representation thereof, on the thoughts of others. Until Nate Oman comes in and kicks him in the shins. Countdown to Clark Goble weighing in for the craniumfestival of speculative philosophy.

Aaron (Fenton) Cox's likely response: You all are rong becuz you minngel the philosofees of men with scripture, when I relie only on inspirashun of the holy Ghost and the words of teh prophet. And the skriptures.


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