Snarker: The Bloggernacle Snarker is pleased to announce a guest post by two ancient masters of Secret Societies to comment on the recent Blather of Heathens mess. It was through great personal expense and great trials that we were able to bring these two experts on the subject to you. Please give our guests a warm round of applause.

Kishkumen: Thanks, everyone. Thanks.

Cain: Hi there, mortals.

Snarker: Welcome guys, you two are the experts when it comes to secret combinations.

Cain: Sure as hell are.

Kishkumen: I'd say so. Hey Cain, long time no see, how are things going?

Cain: Pretty crappy, my feet are killing me, all of this roaming the earth crap really takes it's toll. Why do you think my feet are so big? What about you?

Kishkumen: Oh, not too bad, considering being Perdition and all. I did get to see a decent black hole out on the edge of outer darkness suck a quasar into it the other millennia, so that was kind of cool. Overall things are pretty bad, but being dead has its advantages.

Cain: Yeah, I wish I was dead! Another freakin thousand years of this bullcrap until I can cash in my chips. I tell you, ever since David Patten outed me, I can't get any rest. And all of the development going on in Washington and British Columbia isn't helping any. Everytime I bed down some stupid hiker gets on my case and wants to take freakin pictures.

Kishkumen: Dude, I feel your pain. So have you seen him lately?

Cain: Who?

Kishkumen: You know, him. Old Scratch.

Cain: Oh, no, haven't seen him for like five thousand years. We parted company after I got cursed. Last time I saw I told him I would kick his butt for getting me into this jam and he just laughed at me, saying "Ha, ha, I don't even have a butt you idiot!" Havent seen him since.

Snarker: Guys, could we get on topic here? What about the recent Banner of Heaven secret combination?

Cain: What? What is that?

Kishkumen: Oh, I am familiar with that one. Strictly small time. Cain, its a web blog where a bunch of people pretended to be someone other than themselves and generally irritated some people.

Cain: What, no dead bodies?

Kishkumen: No.

Cain: Whatever. I thought this was about serious stuff, Snarker. Come on, what gives?

Snarker: Cain, here take a look at this web page on this computer and familiarize yourself with the subject while I take a minute to talk with Kishkumen. So, Kishkumen, what are your thoughts on these guys?

Kishkumen: Like I said, strictly small time. No really good blood curdling oaths or anything, just a bunch of people playing around.

Snarker: What about the ending there, that started to get pretty heated?

Kishkumen: Yeah, it looked like the one playing Jenn was close to the breaking point, and my sources inform me he was considering having the nine moons team whacked, but he couldn't line up anyone to do the job fast enough.

Snarker: I see. What about some of the other participants?

Kishkumen: The only other one of interest is the one who played Miranda. He is a man after my own heart. He has real potential as far as I can tell. Brazen, impudent, arrogant, and smart enough to stir up trouble on his own. Reminds me a lot of Gadianton. Who I actually bumped into the other day.

Snarker: Oh, really? Any thoughts on how things developed over time, I mean the way it started out harmless, and then went off the tracks?

Kishkumen: Oh, that is completely standard operating procedure. Things start out nice and fun, and then people get totally carried away, feelings get hurt, and people look to protect themeselves, thats when the lies start in and its gets interesting. Sedition, subversion, innuendo, deceit. Yeah, now your'e talking. Unfortunately, things got nipped in the bud.

Snarker: Yes, indeed. But, things didn't get interesing enough for you?

Kishkumen: Nah, they were outed too quickly. If things had been allowed to fester for awhile more, then it would have gotten a lot more interesting. Some dead bodies, some reactionary recriminations, long drawn out trials, you know.

Snarker: Yes, indeed. So, Cain, have you had a chance to review the web pages? Any thoughts?

Cain: Yeah, it looks some petty nonsense and hurt feelings all around. So what? I've been suffering for thousands of years and nobody gives a crap about that. If there was some blood soaking into the ground, crying for vengeance, OK, that would be more my speed. But, this David guy, now I'd like to meet him. I don't know about Gandianton, never met him, but this crap he wrote is just like what Lamech said after killing that kid. Now that was classy piece of work.

Snarker: Yes, yes, absolutely. Well, we are out of time, so we would like to thank our two esteemed guests for coming in. Cain, thanks so much, I know its always difficult for you to get around, and Kishkumen, we appreciate your insight into the matter.

Kishkumen: Oh, my pleasure, you're very welcome.

Cain: Hey, can I get one of those Obey Aaron t-shirts in XXXXL?

Snarker: I'll see what I can do. Back to you Jim.


D-Train said... @ October 29, 2005 at 7:34 PM

Too funny.

Kristen J said... @ October 30, 2005 at 8:30 PM

Snort (I'm sick of lol!)Pretty good, pretty good!

Rusty said... @ October 31, 2005 at 11:38 AM


Snarkimus Prime said... @ November 1, 2005 at 7:26 AM

Thanks y'all, but how about some backlinkin love on the blogroll?

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