Over on Nine-Moons, Don asks a question about why women leave the dang toilet seats up since they always complain about men doing it. It is clearly obvious to everyone what is happeneing here, its transvestite men leaving the toilet seats up. Everyone knows women don't raise the seat, so it has to be subversive trannies. Don, not realizing this, being "old school" and all, honestly posts the question being genuinely confused. However, Rusty, being the ever sensitive soul he is, particulary when it comes to Gay/Les/Bi/Tran/SSA/xyz issues, and being savvy to the ways of the contemporary tranny ("not that there is anything wrong with that"), realizes what is happening at his Dad's store and moves decisively to quash the impending flame war by deleting it. Fortunately, Don didn't take a burn on Rusty's deletion (unlike some other Nacle whiners) and any bad feelings were dissapated by an evening game of Internet Yahtzee. Good feelings all around.


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