Its so easy to find snarkworthy material with Banner of Heaven around!

Yesterday alone we got three, nay four, great posts from the Banner kids. First, Sagacious Septimus decides he isn't getting enough attention, so in a one liner he pleads with people to beg him to tell all about it. Gimmeabreak, Mr. AttentionGettingBehavior!

Misanthropic Miranda then announced all men are perverted swine obsessed with their genitals who manipulate teenage girls to their sexual advantage, and even the GAs and Scriptures are mysogynistic, to the howls of various Naclers, so she deleted her post and printed a retraction. One only wonders how long it will take Ms. Misanthropy to self-censor while she is writing as opposed to after the fact. Live and learn, honey.

Then, to top it all off, Gregarious Greg admits to being an infiltrator trying to subvert the Saints by introducing false doctrine regarding membership statistics. To which various Naclers only too eagerly lap up the false doctrines of the Church of Monday Night Football, violating the First Presidency counsel to have Family Home Evening. Nice, Greg, keep it up. We have our eyes on you! Won't be long before the Avenging Angel pays you a visit.


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