Darling of the Bloggernacle Rosalynde Welch has been enlisted by the Stark Raving Nut House Crew that runs Blather of Heathens in order to lend it some credibility. But, it has only backfired, as Rosalynde's credibility stands in contrast to their complete lack of any. And, so, the nauseating daily soap opera that is Blather of Heathens churns out another awful day of broadcasting, sure replacement for syrup of ipecac. Ah, but poor Rosalynde is made to suffer in the process, being subjected to the ridicule of her fellow Naclers.

It won't be long before Rosalynde's credibility is on the rubbish heap along with the rest of Blather of Heathens, as she tries to vindicate the fake photos of her fellow Heathens with her pedantic nonsense deconstructing the truth and falsity of pictures. Rosalynde, trying to hide a plain act of deception with sophistry just puts the mud on your boots too. Careful, dear.


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