Eager to take over as BCC Big Cheez, Aaron Brown elbows his way out of the crowd and forwards the ever popular topic of Gay Mormons to race to the front of the leader pack. Over the next few days, Aaron will be introducing tried-and-true topics on Blacks & Priesthood, Women & Priesthood, Polygamy and Feminism, Historicity of Word of Wisdom, and a host of other predictable hot topics so as to establish his left-wing cred.

If the others jockeying for position over at BCC are smart, they will cast doubt on Brown's dubious orientation (no doubt Steve EM would lend a hand), and therefore motives and sincerity and objectivity, by pointing out his curious predilection for online transvestitism. But, hey, don't let me give you any ideas.


Steve EM said... @ November 2, 2005 at 3:19 PM

Great blog you’re running here. Well, you're spot-on about how I'd comment about androgynous Prudence Brown, but have you forgotten that his gay buddy vertically challenged Steve banned me some time ago? As far as left wing credentials, why would Aaron use BBC, a bastion of super orthodoxy, to establish those?

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