Now that the Holiday Season is upon us and we are busy racking up all kinds of debt buying newer and more electronic gizmos that beep and boop, we need some more handy reasons to spend the money we have on ourselves, and not live that silly old Law of Consecration thingy. I mean, whatever the heck is that about? Totally communist if you ask me, what about capitalism? OK, well, it turns out that if we go and share our wealth with other members, then that makes us look bad to the Muslims, like we are buying converts. Wow, never thought of that! I will be sure to fight that misperception by not giving anyone outside my family one thin dime. Cool. More for me.


Stephen said... @ November 30, 2005 at 9:14 PM

But Christmas is the best season for charity ...

some of the best of which to yourself is to avoid debt.

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