Look, all of you Nacle Bloggers, I am bored of snarking Nate Oman's weak attempts at humor. The rest of you Nacle Bloggers need to take up the slack and reduce quality and increase quantity, so my job will be easier. Look people, I cannot make a sow's ear from a silk purse here. So churn out more ad libbed nonsense on subjects you know nothing about, and interject more lame jokes and wierd tangents, OK?

Look, I can provide a valuable service. You inadvertantly post something stupid, and then people call you on it, and then you say "Hey, that was so obviously stupid, I did it on purpose, just to see what the Bloggernacle Snarker would do with it. DUH!" Recognize the utility of such a thing to do a little CYA. Work with me. Its in your own best interest.


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