John Dehlin, the Nacle's podcast zealot, has challenged the Nacle to conform to his own image of what he thinks it should look like. Nice.

Hey, John, we here at the SnarkerNacle have some challenges for you:

1. Create Nacle videoconference/webcam chat room. Since getting to know each other's faces is requisite to your DehliNacle, set it up. Then, we can all get a good look at what each other looks like unshowered in their pyjamas. And, forbid participants from wearing masks or Graucho Marx mustachioed nose-glasses.

2. DehliNacle Correlation Meeting. Sure to be as effective as any PEC meeting, let us all meet in a giant circle of folding chairs and talk about what it is we are supposed to do this month, and then not really do at all, with the exception of leak any confidential information via the ward grapevine.

3. Create a DehliNacle Hot or Not website. Nacle participants can rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, how hot or not hot a post or fellow participant is. Weekly updates to the "Who's Hot, Who's not" top and bottom 10 will be sent out via e-mail.

4. You buy us all iPods. I want an iPod shuffle, but it needs to be hacked so that it not only randomly shuffles podcasts, I want mine to randomly shuffle the contents of podcasts, mixing them all up together in 5-10 second sound bites, and add something by Bjork or the Sugarcubes as background music. That is the only way it would be entertaining enough that I would listen to them.

5. Encourage M* to take on Sunstone as their co-permabloggers. Just as BCC has teamed up with Dialogue (and what a stunning success that has been, I mean readership of Dialogue has gone up by the dozens!), having M* and Sunstone team up would result in no small fireworks and some great posts. This will give Sunstone real Nacle credibility as they show off their stuff, and sap M* of its will to live.

6. Have the Nacle collaborate on a musical version of the Bloggernacle. It could be "Give My Regards to Bloggernacle", or "Salt Lake, Salt Lake!" or "les Nacerables" or "The fMh Monologues" or "The BOH Producers" or "Beauty & the Beast:MPJ & DKL".

You can do it, John, I know you can. I know I'm out of line commanding you to do these things, but I know you are capable of greater things than just podcasts. I hope you will sieze the moment.


John Dehlin said... @ December 22, 2005 at 7:24 AM

I'd like to bear my testimony...that I know the Snarkernacle is true.



Ronan said... @ December 22, 2005 at 9:04 AM

"The fMh Monologues"

Classic, snarky. Classic.

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