Dear Aunt Snarky,

I'm writing to you for advice. I have a really cool idea for the other missionaries in my zone, but I don't know how to plan it with the ZLs. Plus, my mission president is kind of down on movies altogether, so he's no help. I hope you can tell me what to do.

Here's the deal. My companion told me about this really cool movie he wants to see with me, I think it's called Bareback Mountain, or something like that? Anyways, he said he thought it would help us grow closer together and be better friends. And he said it's about these two guys who kind of strike out with all the hot babes so they just hang together, you know? Like Napoleon and Pedro? So I thought COOL. Most of the elders in my zone are the same way. So I want to see this with all the other missionaries at the next zone conference. How can I get the ZLs and the MP to approve my idea?

Yours truly,

Elder C. L. Ueless

Elder CLUeless,

First off, thank whatever wayward member lets you use their home computer to surf the net and come and visit the SnakerNacle when you are lunch-bucketing at their house, they clearly have your well-being at heart.

I don't think seeing movies as a Zone is necessarily going to help foster a better relationship with your companion, you should just see the movie with him alone. What you should do is ask your MP to visit you at your apartment and schedule an appointment, but don't let your comp know, you want it to be a real surprise for him. Then, about 30 min before that appointment, you and your comp should start watching the movie together. And then, when your MP gets there, he will know just what to do with you, your comp and that movie. Think of the example you will set for your whole mission as you show you Mission President firsthand what kind of movie it really is!

Remember Elder, stay out of the valley of death, and be sent home with honor.

Aunt Snarky