The owner of the Mormon Archipelago is guest blogging with the insular, self-absorbed enemy! Has Geoff been seduced by the Great and Spacious Timesandseasonsnaclematrix? Has he wandered off the straight and narrow path of indy blogging? So much was his mind swallowed up in other things that he beheld not the filthiness of the water? NOOOOOO! Geoff, come to your senses man!

Wait a minute...just a second...could it be? Geoff is going into the Ivory Tower as an embassador, no, a secret agent of the MA, to win them over and/or subvert them. Which is it though? We suspect he wants to win them over, and if that fails, he will subvert them. Well, T&S permabores, all I can say, is check behind all the potted plants and up in the drop cielings everywhere Geoff has been, because if you aren't wearing the MA logo by the time he leaves, you had better clear out of the building...and I mean fast!


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