A kind submitter forwarded Dastardly Dave's announcement to us, please note DD said they could forwarded it. Feast your eyes on DD's plans for Nacle Domination, and never again will Russ Johnston ever be acknowledged for his runner-up unsung hero-ness for setting up the ldsblogs.org front end.

Sensitive info has been xxxxxxxxxx out.


From: David King Landrith
Date: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: LDSelect (www.ldselect.org)
To: xxxxxxxxxx

Hi xxxxxxxxxx,

I've put together a new bloggernacle aggregator that allows each user to select which LDS blogs she views and to customize their categorization.

I do not require any reciprocal promotion or linking in exchange for listing, nor will I reward it. Once enough users have registered, the default categorization will be changed on an ongoing basis to reflect an aggregation of their current preferences.

The aggregator is named LDSelect (pronounced L-D-S elect). It's URL follows:


Please feel free to forward this email to anyone that may be interested. I've pulled together as many emails as I can, but many blogs don't list contact info.

Also, I will certainly appreciate any kind of post that acknowledges, announces, or promotes its inauguration. If you would like to link to LDSelect on your blogroll, please use the name "LDSelect". If you would like to include a graphic, LDSelect graphics (148x24 pixels) are available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site at http://www.ldselect.org/faq.

To start with, LDSelect lists about 75 blogs, yours included. I'm happy to add additional LDS-themed blogs, provided that they send me their name, their URL, and the URL of their RSS feeds. For more information, please feel free to contact me directly or consult the Frequently Asked Questions list at http://www.ldselect.org/faq.

Best regards,

Dave Landrith

David King Landrith
(w) 617.xxxxxxxxxx
(h) 617.xxxxxxxxxx

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are called a law firm, and three or more
become a congress -- John Adams
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