We here at SN Industries LTD want you to know we are committing to the BCC Civil Disobedience Pledge wholeheartedly, where they promise to be polite, diplomatic, and refined while they find fault, criticize, and berate the Church's leaders, doctrines, traditions, history and members. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

So, in our usual spirit and practice of being genteel, elegant, graceful and sensitive, we are committing ourselves to snarking them whenever they are incapable of being civil. Both in word and in deed. Yes, just as wholeheartedly as Davis Bell and Kaimi Wenger and all the rest of the Nacle bloggers who have signed on in agreement, we pledge to be as civil as those who call us "that damned chihuahua".

In short, we pledge to be a mirror of the Bloggernacle. A funhouse mirror perhaps, but a mirror nonetheless. If you don't like what you see, well, you can always gouge your own eyes out with a burning stick.


Téa said... @ March 9, 2006 at 10:48 PM

keep a good supply of sticks on hand, and a lighter fer all those WoW fanatics who don't have ready access to fire

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