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The new cool thing at T&S is embittered screeds on why my mission was terrible, but, hey, Hater Nater the Angry Israelite can justifiably complain about it, right? While John Fowles sort of tepidly defends the missionary program sending out young kids, he is struck by the sheer incompetance of these wet-behind-the-ears goinks we send out, relating some tales of personal missionary failure that have plagued him all these years, opening up the flood gates once again for people to opine the misery of missionary service. Fortunately, some are responding positively in an effort to stem the tide of negativity.

Tommorrow's T&S posts will no doubt be: CES Seminary Program Does Not Prepare Kids to Serve Missions by IrriNate, followed with a guest post from Guy Murray with all the negative dirt in the news he can dig up on bad things missionaries have ever done to embarrass the Church, followed by a scathing set of reviews by Kaimi of God's Army, God's Army 2, and The Best Two Years.

So are Adam and Jim F trying to change the subject? How about some of the other permabores post some positive missionary experiences? Or can we take your silence on the subject to be tacit approval of the general bitterness already voiced? Are the rest of you too apathetic or weak to stand against NegaNate's daily onslaught of pessimism, which has already swept John up? Where is Julie M Smith in Austin's self-righteous indignation and Adam Greenwood's ultraorthodox vigor?


Anonymous said... @ April 13, 2006 at 7:47 AM

Hater Nater the Angry Israelite, IrriNate, and NegaNate, all in one post.

9.8 on a scale of 10.

Steve EM said... @ April 13, 2006 at 3:04 PM

Great multi-snark.

I got a kick out of the one holding missionaries to a higher standard that most apostles and then comparing a missionary's faith to that of post resurrection Peter, the head of the church at that time. Pharisees rule at T&S.

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