File under: Rationalization

If you invite Adam over for dinner, do not let him into your kitchen. If you do, he will sort your tupperware, randomly free associate, and then try to equate kleptomania with the United Order while packing the leftovers into your tupperware (the patented trademarked burping pastel ones since that is what he needs to round out his own collection), and write about it a post to the Bloggernacle...while eating your leftovers in his living room out newly acquired Tupperware.

Then again, if you do, that would be one of those great stories you tell dinner guests time and again about that one guy who came to dinner and somehow connected Napolean Dynamite with the Guantanamo Naval Detention Facility while absconding with your best plasticware.

P.S., Adam did the dishes for his wife on Mother's Day and considers it noteworthy, suggesting Adam doesn't usually do the dishes...except on Mother's Day. I guess he is too busy writing great content for Turds & Wheezins and the Dark Star to help out his wife in the kitchen.


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