Team SnarkerNacle has obtained, through great personal sacrifice and grave danger, copies of BCC's GoogleTalk IM chats, to discover the reason Ronan has been entirely unseen not only on BCC, but also on the Nacle in general. Excerpt follows:

    Ronan is Online

    Steve Evans: Ronan, its about time you got online! You are shirking your responsability to keep BCC's content superior to T&S's by not posting in your alloted time schedule and making pithy comments to other's posts!

    Ronan Head: BUGGER OFF!
    [translated: Leave me alone]

    Steve: Ronan, as a contributing member you are expected to contribute!

    Ronan: Sha oop ya blooee gawb!!!
    [translated: be quiet you irritating jerk]

    Steve: Ronan, come on, this is a team effort and we all need to bear the weight of overthrowing T&S and showing the Bloggernacle we are eminently superior to them in every respect! That includes you.

    Ronan: BOLLOCKS! Footie on the telly! Een GUH LUND!!!
    [translated: so what? soccer is on the television, and I am rooting for my home team]

    Steve: Ronan, we have an image to maintain, and you know Americans don't care about Soccer and ...

    Ronan is Offline

    Steve: sigh

    Intended recipient is offline and probably has not recieved your message.

*Translation of Angry Footballer Hooligan Britspeak to American English provided by FreeTranslation.com


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