In the eternal struggle between T&S and BCC (T&S trying to be the biggest and best and failing miserably at the latter, and BCC trying desperately to be bigger and better than T&S and failing miserably at the former), Ronan responded to Nate's post on how there is no outlet for pondering Mormon Culture and probably never will be...oh woe is him. WELL WOE NO MORE, NATE!

Yes, its true, now there is an outlet for Musings on the Social Constructs of Jello Salad and Funeral Potatoes, How Minivans Have Replaced Station Wagons, the Lack of Independent Theatre but Abundance of Rated "R" movies in the Red Central Midwest, Ruminations Regarding Living in Cache Valley, Sneaking Off to Las Vegas for the Weekend, Why Mormons Should't Listen to Prairie Home Companion, Temple-hopping & Church Historical Site Vacations, Why the Bishop's Firstborn Son Always Goes Bad, Trans-Ward Across-the-street Animus and a bunch of other stuff that there really isn't much demand for, hence the lack of a print journal. So, all you would-be Mormon Studies authors (i.e., T&S permabores and wannabes) out there, put a new ribbon in your Smith-Corona! With an august peer review board such as the one heading BCC Papers, there is little doubt there will be any petty infighting or bias in the review process, so the Nacle will soon be bathed in slighly longer and even more boring, only slightly better researched versions of old T&S blog posts. I know I cannot wait, it will be cheaper than Lunesta.


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