You know, all these years I have believed Satan had goat legs and hooves and a tail with a pointy barb on the end have been a total waste. If I only knew the truth!

What? Lucifer looks like Jesus? A heart in the middle? This makes about as much sense as calling yourself a gnostic when you are not a gnostic. Apparently these people are "gnostics" because they are trying to discover the gnosis, or secret wisdom of God, or maybe they think they have it (hey, why not, if Mark Butler can, why can't they). Sorry, but that label was codified to a specific set of doctrines that are totally at odds with the Gospel (just ask John the Beloved). Apparently part of their LDS gnosis is discerning Lucifer and Jesus look alike and they hearted each other prior to Lucifer getting kicked to the curb after the Council in Heaven...and selling t-shirts to that effect.


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