Moribund Mules Smile! Yippee!

Who would have thought it!?!? Yes, its true, in only a matter of a few weeks, the boring repeats that used to pollute the Bloggernacle have been beaten back with fresh and original content. Yes, yes, we take complete credit for this. If it weren't for our very public smear campaign against offenders, the Bloggernacle would no doubt continue to be awash in the same old slop. OK, OK, we'll give some credit to the people who actually posted non-baniku content, but, really, you can thank us for it, since they would have posted baniku if it weren't for our tireless efforts at stamping it out. No, no, hold the applause. But, do send flowers...and money...and chocolate, but only good chocolate, not cheap stuff.

P.S., and CP mathoni, we are watching you, yes, you. Don't think we have forgetten about you.


mathoni said... @ August 5, 2006 at 12:06 AM

I know you have been watching me. I've been meaning to put curtains up to stop that. But I hope my excessive writing on the subject has something new to say. And hey. We must be officially in the bloggernacle now, so I feel pretty special. Up till now, we've just kind of done our own thing, but now we Belong!

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