...but more importantly me. I was going to write a big, long post about how much I love the Bloggernacle. But, truth is, I found something better to blog about: Me! Yes, that is so right. Just like the rest of you, I would rather blog about me than anything else. My clever thoughts, and brilliant insights into the mundane things of life, turning the banal into the effervescent. And, naturally, how beautiful I am.

But, you know what is almost as beautiful as me? J.Stapley's gorgeous web designs. I mean, the entire Bloggernacle should be transformed into a landscape bannered three columned majesty of neo-classical artistry in pastel hues. If he could work some ionic columns in there it would be as beautiful as me. Now some pesky iconoclasts have to go and do their own thing, but he too shall soon see the wisdom of uniformity in maintaining the Bloggernacle's character so as to mirror its content. And believe me, I know about mirrors.

Similarly beautiful is the way prominent people on the Bloggernacle love and treat each other with such tenderness and kindness. That is why I keep reading it, well, that and I can see my reflection in the monitor. Because all things of beauty and good report and praiseworthy...amd all that. Which leads me to this next piece that justifiably warns against writing stupid things in e-mails, but mercifully avoids the subject of writing offensive blog posts...you know...since we are all bloggers. I mean, e-mail is one thing but blogging is something completely different. Now that is beautiful, because if he had warned against corrupt communications in the Bloggernacle, then people would have been all over him in a contentious tirade. So that is another thing of beauty, in wisely counseling people on things that will not upset them. Because people really don't like being upset. Neither do I, if I ever got upset. Which I don't, because it would cause premature wrinkling.

Yeah, so, do leave lots of comments praising my wisdom, grace and beauty and I will respond in kind with link-backs and opportunities to guest post and maybe even permasnarker status. Gotta go, the breeze has died down so the water is nice a smooth again, and the sun is at just the perfect angle to make my skin just look perfect.


amazed and adoring said... @ September 28, 2006 at 1:27 PM

WOW.....people blog about themselves...what a SCOOP!

What's next? The Feminist Mormon Housewives are female? That's amazing! Your brilliance astounds me.

danithew said... @ September 28, 2006 at 2:49 PM

I miss Snarkette. (*sniff*) Where'd she go?

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