You know, it isn't bad enough that John Mansfield, who happens to linkback his name to the M0, goes and says this:

This happenned at our building one Sunday morning a few months ago, but with a box of kittens. I don’t know what became of them; maybe the bishop killed them.
on a thread talking about a girl that abandoned her baby at an LDS meeting house, and the result was actually something good happening to the baby. Now, Geoff B goes off and rants about how the recent heavy snow in Colorado proves all these Katrina disaster victims are just a bunch of whiners who need to take responsability for themselves and stop blaming their own lack of preparation on the Federal Government. Nice. Talk about comparing apples and oranges, these guys aren't even in the same grocery store.

Next up from the M0 grace and compassion team: Minutes from Iranian Holocaust Conference, Comments on Why Anna Nicole Smith's Son Really Died, and enlightening insights into Ashley, the pillow Angel, from your ever sensitive hosts who never have a political axe to grind.


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