Why is Mormon Stories pink all of the sudden?

As [I] promised [all of you, my loyal fans,] I have committed to dedicate the next 5 episodes of Mormon Stories Podcast to LDS Women’s issues[, as far as they relate to me and how I can promote myself through them].

However, I need your help. I cannot do this alone[, because you, my loyal fans, need to pay attention to me, and I do need some guests, right?]. Specifically:

* What stuff should I read before conducting the interviews? [Not that there is anything you can suggest that I haven't already read, because I have already read it all, and there are tons of posts elsewhere on the bloggernacle already answering this question, but mostly because I want you to read my blog and leave a lot of comments praising me.]
* Should I team up with a woman to conduct the interviews? Better yet, should I ask a woman (or women) to conduct the interviews without my participation? If so, who? [I mean, really, who is as good a host as I am? I cannot even imagine anyone else doing it, especially since there are no women podcasting in the bloggernacle, so I am just being gracious here, and not seriously offering to hand over the mantle. But, you have to admit, it is good of me to even make the offer.]
* What should the 5+ episodes entail? [This is where you tell me how wonderful I am and how the 5 dedicated committed episodes will not be enough of my dulcet voice for you.]
* Who should I interview for each episode? [Because it really is all about me, so while I offer above to have others do the interviewing, we all know that really means me, and I am only pretending to be gracious.]
* What should be covered in each episode? [Besides me, I mean.]

Please don’t answer any of these questions here [because I want to milk this for all it is worth]. I will create a blog post dedicated to each of these questions. In the mean time, I have created a wiki page for collaboration on these topics. Please check it out here, and feel free to help me enhance/augment. You can do so by registering, or anonymously. [I don't care which, as long as you do it.]

I very much look forward to working with you all to knock this series out of the park. This may be the most important thing I do with Mormon Stories. [Note the emphasis on "I", because this isn't about women, it is about me podcasting on women.]

Why is Mormon Stories pink all of the sudden? [Because I want you to pay attention to me! And any superficial means of drawing attention to myself is perfectly acceptable, and we all know blue=boys and pink=girls, hence FMH's pastel pinkness which I endeavor to mimic to garner their praise so they will give me a sidebar link! {Editorial note: oops, got that one wrong, the pink color got MS a post, woohoo!} And, come on, you know you want me to interview FMHLisa, I know I do, so she will definitely give me a sidebar link! And someone at Exponent II, and Sunstone, yeah!]


Anonymous said... @ May 10, 2007 at 11:16 AM

For such a he man place, Snarkernacle itself is a bit on the rose side.

Might we suggest montage of the Brawny logo and revving monster truck sounds?

Or just the Hamster Dance song...

Anonymous said... @ May 10, 2007 at 1:24 PM

Absolutely hilarious snark!

Janet said... @ May 10, 2007 at 4:39 PM

Thanks for giving the pinkcasts some publicity!

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