Connor and Dan, each proprietors of their own political blogs, have set aside their mutual hatred of George W. Bush long enough to start hating each other. For the past couple of days these two paragons of politics, these edifices of egocentrism, these titans of tripe have been flailing each other with such zeal that those who enjoys boxing, professional wrestling, dog fights, or DKL trollings (admit it, you know you do) are sure to want to pop their heads in for some hot ringside action.

Start out with Professor Boyack's tortured analogy of how America is Constitutionally Apostate (so glad we have a seasoned Constitutional Scholar on the Bloggernacle to assign us reading homework so we can be as learned and knowledgeable about the Truth as he is) and enjoy as Dan and he devolve into absurd caricatures of what the Civil War was really all about and what the War on Terror is really all about.

Then move on to Professor Boyack's foreign policy lesson that centers on why Rudy G is an idiot who is ignorant of all things Iran, unlike himself, obviously. This one devolves into a petty squabble between Dan and Connor over which presidential candidates are most Iran-savvy, and Connor challenges Dan to show which Democrat can "demonstrate their mastery of and consistency with Iranian foreign Policy." Well, clearly, neither Connor nor Dan know anything about Iran at all, or they would be discussing that instead of who does or doesn't.

Today's post by Connor will be a treatise that proves the Bloggernacle is controlled by the Illuminati and is actively working to exclude Ron Paul, the True Champion of the Constitution, from being President. And Dan will say Connor is loopy and it is all Mitt Romney's doing.

One can only give thanks the two of them fighting distracts them from commenting on other people's blogs.


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