The Millennial Black Hole has a pretty new WordPress interface, great. But the posts are the same old, same old. New posts? Something half-baked and dumbed-down from Clark, and some new guy who has earned himself perma status by being friends with Brian Duffin and doing the new chrome job, and a new perma who doesn't post, and one sentence posts by GeoffB that should just be sidebar links. Impressive work, people.

The only thing the new paint job really accomplishes is making T&S's ancient, ugly front end look even more staid and archaic by contrast. Seriously, how hard would it be for T&S to recruit Scott away from M* like BCC did to MM? Maybe T&S held off because Scott didn't have the foresight to provide a link to the front page anywhere on the sidebar, banner or front page.

MHole, I dub you MSplat, because your reincarnation falls down flat. Keep trying. Maybe you'll be big again someday.


Scott said... @ February 27, 2008 at 12:29 PM

What can I say? At least the article provided me some grins. You gotta love the Barbie pic: Priceless!

Yes - the home link on the banner will be fixed shortly. It's on my todo list.

Thanks for the fun!

Stephen said... @ February 29, 2008 at 7:26 PM

Yeah, but that new look really is pretty.

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