Who knew Tween Popstar Phenom Hanna Montana was a Bloggerancle fan? Color me surprised! All this week she will be doing a Disney version of "We're a Big Dysfunctional Family of Self-Absorbed Freaks That Can All Get Along and Love Each Other in 30 Minutes (less time for a word from our sponsor)" as she mimics the Bloggernacle's online community interactions. With the writer's strike over, Miley's version will no doubt be as substantive and genuine as the Bloggernacle version.

While Joseph Addison is doing all he can to delete all negative comments from the post and keep all the squeaky wheels greased (hey, did you notice that all of the major whiners from last year's Niblets are on the list of his "mighty and strong" nominators?) to avoid repeating last year's train wreck, that will be nothing compared to the virtual power of a ten ton locomotive of pre-adolescent narcissism when it comes to ensuring success.

Thank you Hanna for lending your credibility to something that might otherwise look... well... staged and a little bit fake.


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