I just don't understand why they call themselves "Banner of Heaven". They don't talk about heaven at all, or things that are even remotely heavenly, or even spiritual. Their main talking points have been deceiving Sister Missionaries, packages left on doorsteps, why all men are perverted freaks, and breasts (lending creedance to the "why men are perverted freaks" rants). Naturally, the breasts have received the most attention, to idiotic proportions. More Philistine than Mormon.

Therefore, I, the Bloggernacle Snarker, give you a new and more fitting name: BLATHER OF HEATHENS

There, now no non-mormon persons who stumble across this wasteland of unmitigated idiocy, no matter how entertaining (for all the wrong reasons), will mistake it for representative in any way of the LDS Church.

May you wallow in the banal, may you speculate on boobs, may your rants be filled with hate, may your deceptions be opaque, may your love life be tepid, may all undeliverable packages be left on your doorstep. GO FORWARD MIGHTY BLATHER OF HEATHENS, proclaim the ensign of all things vulgar and ignorant!


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