As if there weren't enough posts on the bloggernacle about General Conference, every single group blog on the face of the entire Mormon e-universe has one. No foolin.

Well, here you go. It is soooo time for something different. And here it is! A completely superficial and entirely substanceless review of the Fall 2005 General Conference!

President Hinkley looks and sounds great for 95. If I look as good at 95 as he does, count me in.

The flowers behind the podium were really nice. Not too bright, not too bland.

Elder ???'s (curse my feeble mind) combover was bad, distractingly bad, in a really Trump sort of way.

Elder Faust would look great with a mustache.

Elder Monson needs to stop dying. If he isn't dying his hair, I apologize, but if that isn't Just For Men, then I'm a monkey. Oooo Oo Eee Ee!


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