Dave, never one to be outdone, has posted his second time in as many days, bringing over his version of "Nacle Current Events" from DMI. But, even with two posts, Dave is only racking up a paltry 26 comments between both at posting time. Bob Caswell made a valiant effort by badmouthing BYU, another perennial favorite, but fell down flat on the weak argument that didn't generate any controversy whatsoever and petered out with a rather poor performance of only 21 comments.

Lets take a look at the November Box Scores:

68 Aaron Brown
26 Dave Underhill
21 Bob Caswell

Aaron Brown has maintained the edge in the race to be King of BCC with his Gay Nacle post, at a strong 68 comments. The competition is sure to heat up as we get closer to the finish line. Will others weigh in? Surely Ronan will! Its time for the other contenders to turn up the heat on Brown and see if he has lasting power, or if he is just a rabbit. Only time will tell.


Stephen said... @ November 7, 2005 at 5:46 AM

Steve Evans, you are forgiven.

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