The weekend did little to change rankings on the BCC Box Scores, although there was some notable intrigue. Aaron Brown's high comment thread was shut down by the "Admin" and is now languishing. The amazing thing is none of the other contenders really took advantage of Brown's setback to try and take the lead.

The intrigue came as DMI Dave played "Admin", shutting Brown down, while he himself posting his third missive, going for quantity over quality. Unfortunately for Dave, his alphabetical TTTF posts are usually dry and uncontroversial, so he garnered almost no comments, and was even outpaced by Bob's stale anti-BYU rant. Was Dave motivated by jealousy, or does he just find discussion of incest unpalatable, or both?

And so, the November Box Scores are tallied at:

112 Aaron Brown
39 Bob Caswell
29 Dave Underhill

Brown has been shut down, but he is still the leader by a mile. Will Ronan step up to the plate, having returned from his travels? Will Brown post again, or has he grown lazy with his commanding lead? Will Dave silence Brown again? Only time will tell! And all the Nacle hold its breath as the drama that is BCC waits to unfurl itself and herald a new king! Surely someone will take up the Blacks & The Priesthood banner and unfurl it to hundreds of comments!


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