Gordon Smith over at T&S says we should get the best deal we can and then donate whatever we save to charity. Sounds nice, but like anybody would ever do that. How would you calculate the difference to determine what you saved? Jeans from the Gap=$40 and jeans from Old Navy=$20, so send $20 to all the overworked displaced peasants in China making 2 cents an hour, 80 hours per week on 1950's era sewing machines? Got it. So I guess that means we'll all be having Denny's for Breakfast, Taco Smell for lunch, and McDogFood for dinner. That'll cost you 1.99 + 2.99 + 1.98 if you drink water and don't tip at Denny's, grand total=6.96, and send the balance of $18.04 to OxFam. What? You don't acually spend $25/day eating out? How much do you spend then? Ah, there's the rub. When it comes down to actually counting the amount we've saved, we just end up pocketing the difference, tell the Bishop at tithing settlement we are all good, and then consider ourselves charitable, Sri Lankan kids sewing shirts for Wal-Mart be damned.


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