Having little else to talk about, besides Mitt Romney's imminent failure at running for President, the Nacle has decided to talk about something seasonal: Smith's Birthday. Yes, its true. Joseph Smith Jr. was born around, but not on, Christmas, so let us all expostulate with hate-filled anti-mormons to show them we do not worship Joseph Smith, as they allege.

I guess this is not so much an issue in Canada and the UK, since its Boxing Day? Or what would have happened if Smith was born on Valentine's Day? Or Easter? Or 4th of July? Or Thanksgiving? Would we worry about giving thanks for Brother Joseph?

Lots of people were born on Dec. 23rd, about 1/365 of the world's population I'd guess. And Smith's birthday has been that for about, what, 200 years now, so what is the big deal? Some ravenous, livid, hate mongering dolts are moaning and puling. What's news? If they didn't complain about that, they would complain about something else equally contrived and irrelevant.

Have a Merry Christmas, be grateful for what Smith did, and pass the egg nog.


Ian said... @ December 20, 2005 at 11:39 AM

Thanks for your beautiful sentiments. I was in need of a good pick me up.

Kim Siever said... @ December 21, 2005 at 12:55 PM

Boxing day is on the 26th.

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