Far be it for us to question our pards, but Kim has posted 10 Easy Steps to Affixing the Ball and Chain. This was an unusual post for Kim, I mean, eh, he usually starts out with only one word in the title. Like, eh, for normal, he would typically put just "Marriage" or "Steps", but this time, eh, he gets all verbose. Whats up with that, Kim?

Now when I first read this, I thought it was a spoof, like Red Green, ya know? So I laughed, like ha ha, eh? But, the comments from itbugaf (and what the heck is that now, huh?) and the conversation from Kim and Mary show them guys to be serious, what Kim actually did to snag Mary. So I guess its for reals, eh?

But, wait, Mary points out in the comments she already knew it was going to work, so she was a ringer. Hey, that kinda throws things off now, doesnt it now? Uh huh. Alrighty then. Push off then, eh? It only works if the woman you are dating already knows you are going to get married.

Needs some work to get it export ready, OK?


Kim Siever said... @ December 14, 2005 at 9:20 AM

Actually, Mary threw a wrench into my plans. I didn't get a chance to date anyone else. The plan would have worked. I just know it.

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