Sadists and Masochists alike rejoice at the painful flailings and thrashing cast back and forth by believers and post-belief skeptics.


What was that about contention being of the gospel...errrrmm...how does that go? Oh, oh, devil...yeah...contention is of the devil. Got it. And if anyone would know the doctrine, they should do the will of the Father? So the knowing is in the doing? Hrrrm. But, that is so hard to do! Yup. It is. But, your not doing it doesn't make the doctrine false, it makes the flesh weak. Ah, the spirit is willing, but this damned natural flesh is such the enemy to God. And, so, the wisdom of men parades itself as philosophy, all the while faulting God for failing to reveal Himself to them on their own terms. And the falsity men see is merely a reflection of their own selves.


Sarebear said... @ January 10, 2006 at 2:57 PM

Sounds kinky.

They never flail to amuse. Moi, on the other hand, is probably wearing out my welcome with all my puns and silliness . . . .

The snarker, however, seems to be flail-safe and flail-proof.

Flailing via the USPS - Snail Flail.

Ok, so I'm REALLY trying too hard to cheer myself up today. @#$@#$.

I wondered if Snark would take note of my recent declaration of cartoon swearing day. Seeing as how you are a cartoon. Hee! And, probably sensitively so, haven't snarked me due to concerns of my mental and emotional stability. Still, cartoon swearing day would be a fun lark, for the snark. Hee!

@#$#@$ you. I've decided it's rather fun, if juvenile. It's better than other, unhealthy activities. @#$@#$ so.

Ann said... @ January 11, 2006 at 9:46 PM

If there is a God, she has a lot of 'splainin' to do.

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