TftC Kage is irked that some relative in the extended family found it "sad" that she would pose rather provacatively draped in red fabric exposing her very pregnant belly. She is more irked that this extended family member though they were close enough that such an opinion was warranted.

So, naturally, Kage turns to complete strangers on the Nacle to critique her exposed belly, sans face, and heap scorn upon her extended relative for having an opinion and voicing it. Makes sense. I mean, if someone isn't close enough to you to criticize you, then you may as well take it up a notch and have a bunch of complete strangers flame her for being so impudent. Like any readers would echo the extended relative and in doing so heap scorn upon their own heads.

I dunno, I may be too distant a relative here, but Kage's persistent comments about exposing herself and obscure links to alleged photos of her in various states of possible disrobedness suggest we have the first certifiable Nacle exhibitionist begging to be outed by all the voyeurs out there.


NFlanders said... @ January 23, 2006 at 2:56 PM

Judging by how often you snark on them, I'd say the Snarker is smitten with TftC and Kage in particular. Puppy love (quite literally in your case) is so sweet, Snarker.

Snarkimus Prime said... @ January 23, 2006 at 7:11 PM

Oh, Ned, jealousy is so unbecoming, especially to one of such yellow palor. If you would post more often, you would get snarked more often.

The simple fact of the matter is TftC is posting a lot of funny stuff, particularly Kage, so they get snarked. Why do you think some blogs never get snarked? Because their content is dead serious, all the time. You know what Ned, if you start blogging about boobs and wanking, then Kaimi will hang out more at your site and then you'll get snarked more. Recipe for success.

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