GoofB at the Millennial Black Hole (M0) got nuthin so he dredges up some of the standard rubbish, with the help of the tired news cycle, to get people commenting: Gay Rights and Evolution.

GoofB says "It should be fun to watch this debate (the one in Utah, I mean, not the inevitable 'anybody who doesn't believe in evolution is stupid' debates that break out on M*)." Urrrmmm, GoofB, you are the one who is starting the "anybody who doesn't believe in evolution is stupid" thing you are complaining about by writing such a lame post to M0 in the first place. Nothing like self-immolation to prove your point. Yech.

Next up at M0: Lets have a flame war over the evolutionary implications of gay marriage among supreme court nominees who may/may not endorse polygamy, now with 40% more blacks and the priesthood debate cuz BRM and BKP said it and I believe it, unless its an artistic rated-R movie about gay cowboy frustrated love. This message endorsed by the Mitt Romney in 2008 PAC.


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