In the ongoing battle for the title "Queens of Edgy" between TftC and MMW, MMW is blazing new territory. Bewbs are so last week. Tracy broaches the subject, and Heather lets us know Nate Jr. unloads his pump action .410 gage shotgun into any available target given the opportunity. Hmmmm, makes you wonder where Nate Jr. picked that one up. On the other hand, probably better not to think about it since nausea is setting in.

But, TftC responded quickly with Chloe confessing she is a stroller whore and not in the least bit apologetic about it. Who knew there was a burgeoning market for pimped out baby buggies? Maybe Chloe should e-mail Xzibit and ask him to add strollers here. Wassup y'all, sucka please, don't be hatin the chromed Bumbleride, yo. Werrrdup.

While the Stroller Whore confessional got a unanimous thumbs up, the vote here at SN is MMW won yesterday's round with the manhandling bit. We can hardly wait to see what TftC retaliates with today!!!


Geoff J said... @ January 24, 2006 at 11:35 AM

That "Pimp My Stroller" video is classic. Nice pull Snarky!

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