Well, GeoffJ's take-no-prisoners two week long looting and pillaging of T&S is finally over, and T&S has only barely just recovered. It takes them a couple of days to clean up the mess and get back online, but when they do its just a lightweight current events post, nothing particularly awe inspiring. All that mopping up just had the T&S permabores plain old worn out and depressed. But, got to give them credit for being good folks who know how to take a beating graciously.

Alas, with the end of the onlaught also comes the end of GeoffJ's inexorable pimpin of the Thang and the Mormon Archipelago. No less than 8, yes, eight, count them, backlinks to GeoffJ's own thangy blog, and that is just in the last post. Hoooweeee! Hey, if there was a T&S reader who wasn't aware of the Thang or the MA before, they sure know about them now. Nice work there Geoff! Wink wink, nudge nudge. Don't be too surprised if someone just happens to delete all those links now that your 2 week tenure is up. Oh, yeah, and we are pleased to announce that GeoffJ will be guest blogging here at the SNacle next week. (JK) Not that Goeff would want to bring that to your attention or anything though.

And, now that J.Stapley is up for a run as guest blogger there at T&S, lets see if he can backlink to Splendid Sun as prolifically as did his forebear.


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