Given all of the unflappable arrogance floating around the Nacle, its nice to see people wrestle their personal demons in an effort to come to grips with what ails them. In an effort to do so, Christian Cardall has started up a 12 Step Program for the Bloggernacle. People can come up and publicly identify the flaws propelling their blogging, but they are not allowed to identify them in others, unless the other explicitly remains in denial.

Snarker: "Hi, my name is Snarker, and I am a Bloggernacleholic."

Nacle: "Hi Snarker."

Question: Is it safe to assume anyone who doesn't step up to the BA podium to confess their sins is entrenched in denial? Or, have they just not read the post and therefore not had the opportunity to do so? Hrrrmmmmm.

OK all you Nacle Bloggers, you no longer have an excuse! Even you T&S permabores! HA! We know you all read the Snarker, so get over to the BA podium and fess up, or be branded "Deep In Denial" until you do.


Watt Mahoun said... @ February 16, 2006 at 1:51 PM

Beloved Snarkie,

Just between you and me, I think Christian is trying to start his own church. Not the "Christian Church", not the "Aaronic Church"...but the "Church of Coxiology."

As one who has temporarily fallen under his charismatic spell (but escaped, I think, er, hope) I can assure you that it did appear to work for me...that confessing my personality disorder in such a forum where such confession would be reinforced as consistent with a misunderstood artist...you know, it felt good and right. It made me feel superior.

Thanks for your role in breaking the spell and opening my eyes to the cult that is Coxiology.



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