You're right on the money, Kim.

Before introducing the CTR acronym to the general church membership, extensive focus group testing was conducted. The focus group results indicated the best acronym to introduce subtle political indoctrination to generations of children across many continents.

Some of the rejected acronyms were:

Choose the Republicans (CTR)
Status: Rejected
Reason: According to the program director at the time, "Unfortunately, the Republican party does not exist in all nations. Remember, we're an international church."

Choose the Righteous (CTR)
Status: Rejected
Reason: The repeated use of this word in cartoons featuring martial-art-practicing turtles in the early 90's made this one a no-go.

Choose the Fascists (CTF)
Status: Rejected
Reason: While this would correlate directly with Kim's hypothesis, the focus groups deemed the catchy phrase as "not subtle enough". Also, some otherwise acceptable conservative candidates are simply not hardline enough to qualify as fascists, and the slogan might confuse some members.

Choose the Conservatives (CTC)
Status: Rejected
Reason: Direct, yet does not endorse any particular political party. However, the acronym CTC has various meanings in different countries. For example, in Chile it refers to the national telephone company. In Kim's homeland of Canada, CTC has nothing to do with politics or religion. In the UK, CTC is a cycling association--and we all know that lycra biking shorts and men with shaved legs are anything but conservative.

Choose the Right (CTR)
Status: Accepted
Reason: Subtle enough, and contains that sneaky double religious/political meaning. People actually think it's about making right choices, rather than making the right choice to choose a conservative party/candidate.
Results: Look at Canada (CTR), Italy (SiG), and Germany (WdR). The CTR program is having great success in these nations as evidenced by recent elections. You think the election outcome in Kim's homeland of Canada had to do with growing resentment over the scandal-plagued Liberal party? Ha! Don't delude yourself. The elections are clearly the result of a subtle political indoctrination, caused by a simple ring given to each child during the year of his/her 5th birthday. Additionally, Other organizations adopting the acronym CTR are relatively unknown in the mainstream.

However, now that Kim has brought the true meaning of CTR to the light, it is possible that the entire program may be abandoned to avoid a PR disaster.


Snarkimus Prime said... @ February 7, 2006 at 10:02 AM

Welcome S.Mack, good start. Watch them Canuks tho, eh, their bite is worse than their bark.

Kim Siever said... @ February 7, 2006 at 12:36 PM


annegb said... @ February 8, 2006 at 2:05 AM

I bought a necklace to wear to work that says "I am a child of God" and a customer asked me, "are you a Christian, I see your necklace?"

My immediate response was, "no, I'm a mormon." Then I backpedaled, "well, I'm a Christian, of course. Its a song. Haven't you heard it?" she hadn't, and I hummed a few bars.

but I feel sick that I didn't immediately say, "yes, I'm a Christian." Dang.

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