J. Stapley's time posting on T&S is up, and for the life of us we cannot figure out what the heck he was talking about, but that is OK because even he himself cannot be certain. Something about Wagner's Ring Cycle and its connections to Smith's late Nauvoo theology, heralding "research" funded by coffee makers about how good coffee is for you, the problem with the Mormon problem, which may or may not have really been about same sex marriage after all, not that J will do anything to clear up what his intentions really were there, preferring instead to allow others to define what it was he was talking about. Huh, OK.

Really, what can you say about a series of guest posts where the best comment is an unqualified endorsement of archaic syntactical diacritical marks?

Wait, wait, I know what it is! Stapley misses Nate Oman so much he decided to channel him through his guest postings. Kinda surprising he didn't work some Gilbert & Sullivan references in...or did he!?!?!? Doo-noo-noo...


J. Stapley said... @ February 7, 2006 at 10:15 PM

LOL....Good times.

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