Well, its been awhile since Kontentious Kurt and Dastardly Dave went at it, so yesterday provided some much needed entertainment over at BCC, while Ronan dished up the usual tired old WOW luke warm soup. Next week he will ask if it is OK to smoke nicotine-free cigarettes.

We all know the saying about not getting into a whizzing match with a skunk, but what happens when two skunks go at it? EEEEEEEEW, run away!

For those not wanting to wade through the mess, here is the Reader's Digest version:

Kontentious Kurt: Blah blah blah
Dastardly Dave: Neener neener neener
KK: Yada yada yada
DD: Boogeda boogeda boogeda
KK: Yakety smakety
DD: Hoooo ha ha
KK: You stink
DD: Wah
KK: Hardee har har

Yep, and everyone comes out smellin like a rose.


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