Rosalynde Welch and Julie M. Smith are squaring off in style. While politely complimenting one another, they insinuate all sorts of unpleasantries. Ah, nothing like watching two women of completely different stripe politely duke it out in public. Rosalynde definitely wins the Big Word prize, Julie being unable to keep up. But, Julie wins the Hand Waving prize, dismissing Scriptural texts hostile to her position by saying their meaning is too obscure and "unrecoverable". Hey, that is what most of Christendom does with most of the Bible, all the troublesome bits anyway, so there is ample precedent supporting her.

As things are winding down, Julie drops the polite facade, rudely positing an assinine question that bears little relevance to the discussion at hand, in nothing more than an attempt to cast Rosalynde as ignorant. Lets see if Rosalynde takes off her kid gloves and takes Julie to task for such an affront.


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