Not sure what happened yesterday behind the scenes at T&S, but a whole slew of posts by angry T&S female permabores hit the Bloggernacle. First, Rosalynde Welch is irritated at being patronized, then Julie in Austin practices what she preaches by inisting women have authority on their heads, so she posts and then promptly shuts down all comments, exercising her permabore authority (but subverted here). And then Kristine Haglund Harris cuts lose on the latent sexism and historical baggage in the church that is even infecting her own son and impacting her own daughter.

Why did all three of them let rip on the same day? And, Rebecca over at FMH tore it up as well. Hmmmm. Is it a coincidence, or did they all have the same source of inspiration? Or, has something happened behind the scenes there at T&S that has irritated the gals? Did Kaimi says something dumb? No, entirely too implausible, I mean the guy never says anything the feminists would find offensive. Was it because FMHLisa didn't win her Niblet? Nah, that would just be petty. I bet I know, Adam Greenwood tried to put his foot down and stepped on some toes. Yeah, that must be it.

UPDATE: additional reasearch into the matter indicates Julie's post was in response to comments in this thread, and Rosalynde's may have been inspired by comments made in this post. So, perhaps Zelophedaddy's Daughters should be thrown into the ring for Queens of Edgy along with MMW and TFtC. Please send gossip to: snarkernacle at yahoo.ca


Kristine said... @ February 2, 2006 at 8:20 PM

No ulterior motives or juicy gossip behind my post--my son really did say the, er, inspiring words I quoted in the car that day, and I posted in a fit of maternal pique before even reading Julie's or Rosalynde's posts.

But you should all feel sad that you don't get to read all the times I unleash torrents of furious prose at Frank behind the scenes--I'm cute when I'm mad :)

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