In the rich and honorable tradition of the Razzies, the team here at SnarkerNacle Industries LTD. is starting a new Nacle tradition! The Giblets©. Yes, we are lampooning the Niblets. Come on, don't even act surprised, Ronan, you knew it was going to happen. Yep, the Giblets, the unpleasant leftover bits someone ought to have taken out with the rubbish but hasn't got round to yet.

OK, so here is how it works. You lovely participants of the Nacle send your nominations in to snarker.giblets@gmail.com (e-mail address corrected to .giblets! Try again if it bounced! SORRY!) and they will be tabulated by category. All submissions will be kept anonymous (except those which would be entirely too tempting to blackmail people with). DO NOT POST SUBMISSIONS HERE! They will be deleted mercilessly if you do.

The categories are whatever the opposite "Worst" version is of the Niblets, e.g., Worst New Blog, Worst Big Blog, Worst Post, etc. Actually, I guess since this is giblets, it should be wurst not worst. Anyway, try to keep it lighthearted and snarky, please. You can also add new ironic categories that spoof people, so have fun with it. Personal attacks, profanity, axe grinding and cheap shots aren't funny. That is why submissions have to be sent in by e-mail and be kept anonymous, because if people started posting whom they hated in the Nacle in the comments here it would turn into a huge, vicious, ugly mess. And those are always so unpleasant and unfunny.

So, remember, this is supposed to be fun and snarky, not a bunch of vituperative slander viciously tearing people down, got it? Sarcasm = Yes. Axe-grinding = No. Irony = Cool. Cheapshots = Lame. And if you have some clever little snarky blurb to go with your submission, throw that in as well.

We'll give you like a week or so to get your submissions in, then do some SurveyMonkey voting. No, there probably will not be a podcast, unless we can get Ronan to do it again.

P.S., and don't just send in a nomination e-mail where SnarkerNacle gets nominated for all the Worst categories because one of the smarty-pants here already sent one like that to the admin. Ha ha. Why I oughta...


Ronan said... @ March 1, 2006 at 12:22 PM

You must to a GibletCast. Just fake a British accent and you will achieve slam-dunk snarkhood...

Snarkimus Prime said... @ March 2, 2006 at 7:44 AM

OK, here are the categories:

worst blog
worst small blog
worst blogger
worst commenter
worst new blog
worst post
worst thing about the nacle
well-sung villan

You can add others if you like.

Nominations thus far have been pretty lackluster, people. And, we were just kidding about blackmailing people. We will not ever use anything sent to us to expose anything for any reason. We never have, and never will. Any and all submissions will be kept strictly confidential. They have been to date, and nothing will change.

Snarkimus Prime said... @ March 2, 2006 at 12:44 PM

Clarification: the nominations themselves thus far have not been lackluster, its the *number* of nominations submitted that has been lackluster. We'd like to encourage all of you out there to exercise the snark gland in you and submit something snarky.

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