Tonight, on 2News at 10:00... Bill Gephardt delves into the mysterious world known to few as "The Bloggernacle".

Who are these crazy whack jobs? And what are they doing with your information? Plus, Bill's recommendations for dealing with Nacle "stalkers". Tune in tonight! Now, a word from our sponsors...

Hi, I'm SuperDell from Toooootally Bankrupt Computers!


I'm Carol Mikita, Religion Correspondent for KSL-TV. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the self-proclaimed creator of the loose collection of websites referred to as the "Bloggernacle". When we return, you will hear the story of how this quasi-apostate, online religious mecca rocketed to prominence in the minds of a select few... wait, I'm sorry, I'd better stick to the teleprompter text given to me by the K-Man.... "rocketed to prominence in the lives of everyday Church members throughout the world."

Thank you, Carol. Nice catch there with the script. Let's get a quick check on the Bloggernacle forecast. Mark?

Thank you, Dick. You know, I've been predicting weather in the Beehive State for years. I've seen some crazy things in my day, from unpredictable lake-effect snows to the Tornado of '99. But nothing compares to the long-term Nacle forecast.

First, we see a troubling development near FMH and BCC. Keep your eyes on this one, as we can expect isolated SnarkStorms along this front.

As you can see from our exclusive NacleCam network, things are pretty dry over at T&S--no shortage of hot air for those folks. Remember, stay indoors and drink plenty of liquids!

In addition, we're going to see something that appears to be a regular occurence in the Nacle microclimate... That is, the total eclipse of both faith and common sense! This is just astonishing...

It looks like we will have new record lows throughout the Nacle. The faith barometer just seems to be bottomless in these parts, though we do have a slight chance of testimony later in the week.

In short, it will be more of the same ole, same ole. Back to you.



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a random John said... @ May 23, 2006 at 11:14 AM

I liked it, I only wish you had mocked Dick Norris a bit. He deserves it.

Tracy M said... @ May 23, 2006 at 11:39 PM

Ok, I snerfed my soda at the screen...too funny!

DazzleSnark said... @ May 24, 2006 at 7:17 PM

Mock Dick Nourse? A 60+ year old man with a perpetual fake tan... I can't think of anything mock worthy there!

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